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The Hugs “True To Your Own Spirit”  [7th full-length album release]

Released 6-3-2022 (3rd of June 2022)

Current Live Members: Danny Delegato

The Hugs Unveil new 7th full-length studio album: 

Portland, OR: Portland-native Garage-pop rock group, The Hugs have released their 7th full length album. The facelift is brandishing new music mixed by industry icons Gordon Raphael and Sonny Diperri. With live dates through out Oregon and the PNW into 2023 a special new 13 song L.P. releases June 3rd, 2022 everywhere. 

About The Hugs: The Hugs are an American pop-rock band from Portland, Oregon. U.S.A. Formed in 2007 and signed to the Columbia-backed 1965 Records for two years before going independent. Their song "Come Close" made waves on HBO's television series ‘Girls’ and the group has been releasing fresh material ever since it’s beginnings in early 2007. The Hug's most recent and anticipated new album, "True To Your Own Spirit", was self released June 3rd, of 2022.  Mastered by Frida Johansson (Gothenburg, Sweden) - OUT NOW

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