Artwork by Sean Allen (Ivity Studios)

Artwork by Sean Allen (Ivity Studios)

NEWS UPDATE: MAY 3rd, 2022 - Portland's The Hugs are back with their 7th full-length studio album. 3 years in the making of recording and writing: "True To Your Own Spirit" w/ 13 new songs ranging in styles, genres and new sonic territory and soundscapes from The Hugs. An album w/ a clever nod to the British 90's culture of bubblegum pop guitars and crafty yet witty lyrics. . ."TRUE TO YOUR OWN SPIRIT" is as diverse, unique and catchy as guitar pop gets these days" - Preview the album w/ 4 new tracks streaming now

Mixing by Sonny Diperri (Street Preacher) and Gordon Raphael (Singing Out My Window + In The Dead Black Night) and mastering by Frida Johansson in Gothenburg, Sweden. See you out there! Check Tour Dates HERE

Album Credits

Album Credits




1.) Singing Out My Window

2.) In The Dead Black Night

3.) Wake Up And Stand In Your Power

4.) Sad Slow Song

5.) Tomorrow's Open Door

6.) Great Bolongo Beat

7.) Sad Place

8.) Not Gonna Tell Me Who I Am

9.) Don't Know Where I'm Going

10.) Street Preacher

11.) Ne Me Sauve Pas

12.) Beautiful Rich

13.) Witness

Releases June 3rd, 2022

Produced by The Hugs

Lyrics + Songs written by Danny Delegato