2022–present: True To Your Own Spirit

On June 3rd, 2022, The Hugs announced Their seventh studio album, True To Your Own Spirit. Alongside the release of its first two singles, "Singing Out My Window" and "In The Dead Black Night". Two more singles "Sad Place" and "Witness" were released that year, respectively. The album was mixed by producer Gordon Raphael in Hebden Bridge, England. And produced by frontman/songwriter Danny Delegato. Drawing inspiration from modern pop and lo-fi indie artists such as Mac Demarco and upbeat 90's music. 

Mastered by Frida Johansson in Gothenburg, Sweden.



 2019–2020: Love You To Death

The Hugs released their 5th studio album, Love You To Death, on April 12th, 2019. Arguably the most pop-influenced The Hugs album to date. Tracks like "Who Loved You" and "Mile High Lady" showcase the continued pop, rock n' roll, and 90's garage influence that is woven through the entire The Hugs discography. Willamette Week stated "the Hugs are masters of synthesis who know how to push all the right buttons at all the right times. When your songwriting and production are as airtight as they are here, reinventing the wheel takes a backseat to squeezing as much excitement as possible out of a formula that's been tried and true for decades." The Album was engineered and co-produced by Brandon Egglesston at The Dandy Warhols warehouse studio "The Oddy" in Portland, Oregon. With additional mixing by Sonny Diperri.

Mastered By Carl Saff in Chicago.

   2021: Dirty Gems LP (Reissue)

On December 7th, 2021, The Hugs announced a reissue and 6th studio album, Dirty Gems. Alongside the release of its first two singles, "Dot Dot" and "Reykjavik". The album was mixed + engineered by long-time producer Shay Scott (Co-produced by Danny Delegato) in Portland, Oregon. Drawing inspiration from guitar bands such as The Strokes, Television, and Modest Mouse.

Mastered By Tony Lash in Portland.

2016–2018: Feelings of Life

"In March 2016, The Hugs released Feelings of Life, the band's fourth studio album, recorded in Portland, Oregon. The band added multi-instrumentalist David Appaloosa on guitar, vocals and producing duties. Feelings of Life marked another big stylistic departure from the previous album, introducing more programmed drums, anthemic hooks, and commercial pop and rock leanings. The tracks were recorded at Map Room Studio in Portland, Oregon and self-produced. Mixing on 5 songs by Sonny Diperri, whose credits include: Trent Reznor, STRFKR, Animal Collective, and Portugal. The Man. "



2013–2015: Love Led You Here

The Hugs released Love Led You Here, their third studio album, on July 30, 2013. The album marked a further departure in sound from previous releases with a guitar-based arena rock sound, shoe gaze soundscapes, and programmed beats. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Beck, Weezer, and new sounds.

Mastered By Tony Lash in Portland.